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Reflections Of The Heart

Reflections of the Heart May 300 px


A restful, peaceful and soothing album.
Piano solos are combined with authentic natural environment , sounds of the ocean, wind and birds on three of the compositions.
The album evokes many deep feelings and can be heard over and over.
Great for early morning or late evening relaxation.

CD and tape are 66 minutes


Reflections Of The Heart CD                              $15


Reflections Of The Heart cassette Tape           $10




Music... You are...

Music you are a precious gift... the food of love, expression of our deepest thoughts. You are the child within the children, the dance within the dancer, the dream within the vision, the colors within our heart and every thought of love. The wish... the promise giving meaning to every tear.
                                                                           Paul Immanuel Owens



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All Of My Life



Autumn’s Caress



Winter’s Flight



Sweet Melancholy









Baby Shoes And Bronze



Wishes For You





Beyond Our Hurry



Desert Window



Remember Youth



Passage Into Sleep






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