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Wherever the Winds Take Me

I always will live on...

I create the canyons.
I trickle down a hill.
I thunder from a towering cliff.
I crash against the shore.
The radiating sun caresses.
Ships ride upon my back.
Ancient treasures hide beneath me.
Great creatures sing within my depths.

One’s senses are awakened...

With my strong and salty scent,
The sight of my blue beauty,
My sweetness on the tongue,
And my soothing touch on the fevered skin.

Soon comes a transformation...

When the burning sun will kiss.
To the clouds he’ll lift me.
The winds will carry me away
To await my rainy reincarnation.

Perhaps some day you’ll meet me...

As I run over your hands.
Or maybe as a puddle
I’ll splash onto your shoes.
I might be in your bottle
To quench your mortal thirst.
Some might pray for more of me
And others have too much.
But wherever the winds take me...

I always will go on.

                                              Pleasant Grove, UT

Guardian Angel Dog

  He was always there for me
  My guardian angel dog
  He was always with me in the photographs of my earlier days
  At times he saved me from drowning in the sad ocean of life
  Others, he just sat beside me to make sure I was safe
  Other dogs I’ve had in the past, but none were like him
  They came and went their separate ways
  But he always stayed with me
  Then he began to get old
  I tried to take him for walks
  He loved it
  Except when he tripped on the curbs
  He was great at doing tricks
  He knew them by heart
  Except he was too old to do them
  He wanted to be young again
  I noticed as I watched him dream
  He wanted to run and play and jump
  I could see in his blue-brown eyes
  And one day he went on to another place
  He’s gone to where dog dreams come true
  And I wish I could have been there to see him go
  To whisper in his ear one last time
  I love you
  And though it may be long before I see him again
  There’s one thing that will never change
  He’ll always be
  My guardian angel dog

                            Pleasant Grove, UT




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