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City Poem



In God’s Timing

My Savior Jesus

No Time For Tears

Through The Tears


Tribute To A Tree

The Quiet Pen Of The Law

       City Poem

I sat amongst the lonely people
filling their coffee cups with flavors
and boring their senses with
the fruits of their inheritance.

Time on their hands, dollars in their
pockets… shining cars await their
command to burn the ancient fossils.

Alien to their own and afraid
of their future… the smoke of
their emptiness never cleared…
until something dear was lost.

I observed them, knowing
the blinders I once wore…
      were real.

I am free in this captive world.

I know I am chosen to see
the Bright Places
of mind and soul
                   Paul Owens 1985



  The leaves ~ return; - as feathers
from eagles – wing their way again…
             into our Hearts.

  The colors splash against all
our memories of the cyclic Love
                            of Fall.

  We too ~ emerge from beneath
the pile of changing colors – to Become
new ~ to become a season unto others

  We too – are Fall -, cast from
our lofty perch –
    gently piling & blowing
upon the winds of
   new beginnings.
Paul Owens 1986



Who are you?   you who words cannot describe
                  you whose power cannot be measured.
                  you whose brilliance makes me quiver and makes
                  me live in awe and total fascination of your
                  majesty and creativity.

Who are you? and who am I? that you have granted me a part
of your essence, enough to come before you as friend, even as
beloved. What kind of love is this, so real it seems like fiction
so beautiful, it seems like fantasy.
I can only guess, only ponder, only wonder why you chose me
in a sea of un-believers.
Who are you? whose dreams and thoughts have wrapped my heart
with your spirit and promised a marriage of eternal beauty.
Who are we? that you should call us children, we who struggle
daily to live according to your wishes, we who crawl in so much
darkness and lack of faith, seldom living in the real light
that you shine daily.
You are God, infinite and eternal, genius above all others,
merciful and kind to those who would but only invite you to
be their Savior. The mystery of your greatness is in love itself.
Paul Immanuel Owens


        In God's Timing

In God's timing...All life moves and breathes,
   all creation, even distant, unseen galaxies.
In God's timing...deeper truth is uncovered...
   so we can see...through and into Life's foggy
                        mystery glass.
   so we can see...why some things...just dont last;
    why death and pain are tied to birth and joy.

In God's timing...all illusions scatter into fire...
   Leaving truth and love to wing our hearts much higher.

In God's timing love and prevail,
   all forces He commands, with strong and gentle hands.
   Through Christ's death upon the cross...
        our tears were dried with hope,
        our dreams were given wings...
   Re-uniting earth’s greatest family...that history thought
was lost.

In God's timing...the wheels of fate do turn,
spinning into magic, a world of peace and love re-born.
In God's timing...Heaven's promise is fulfilled... and so it
is forever...the truth of love revealed!!!
Written by Paul Immanuel 1991


           My Savior Jesus

Out of the blue
   Out of the clouds and fog
I heard your voice, spoke the sound of love,
   deep and soft, I knew you meant every word,
       every tender note.
My are a dream come true...
       your love fills the sky...I breathe.
out of the blue...your promise of heaven,
       has turned these many tears...
   into a rainbow of hope...into a song of peace..
From glory to glory...your kingdom shines...
   your word is truth...your word is life...
            In your name and spirit is a power
                 beyond eternal gift
                    for those who believe and
                       walk by faith, declaring...
                           you are Lord....Jesus..
                             Holy Son of God.
  Written by Paul Immanuel...Dec 1995


No Time for Tears

They just have to shop...cause there's no time for tears.
  Looking for a bargain that's going to bring them that
  same old feeling...that empty feeling.
still...searching for that thing, that method of $pending
Empty souls, lost in space, cashing in their life, looking for
  love....that isn't looking for them.
  How do they do it? one meal to the next...going nowhere,
on trains doing stop another store,
    just waiting to fill that emptiness, with illusions,
that even come in colors...and last longer than bubbles, that
are sure to pop.....
    There's no time for've got more important things
to do....than wake up and see the pain of strangers who need
the gift, of things not bought.
                              Paul Owens

             Through the Tears

Through the tears, I see..
    a different setting sun;
    a different rainbow and star filled sky.

These tears and salty jewels
are the drops of wisdom and truth, that have increased
my new meaning to sight and understanding.

While others shield their heart in pleasure and pride
       is it not those who weep, that laughter soon rewards?

Through the tears, I am become a man, brave enough to sense
the pain of strangers, strong enough to listen to those the
world has ignored.

Through the tears, I have learned about compassion, the beauty
of the Psalms and music that endures.

         Psalms 126: 5-6 Those who sow in tears shall reap
with joyful shouting. He who goes to and fro weeping, carrying
his bag of seed, Shall indeed come again with a shout of
joy, bringing his sheaves with him.

                 Paul Owens


There once was large beautiful big pine tree right next to where
 I did my laundry in Milwaukie. One day, I went to do my laundry
and I immediately felt as if a building had moved and how
different it felt. I soon realize it was the tree missing,
someone decided to cut it down for its supply of fire wood.
I also noticed a loud chirping amongst the birds who were
very confused about losing their home. I went home and wrote
this poem. I felt angry and sad....that such pathetic people
do such things.
Here is my poem and tribute to a beautiful tree.

                Tribute To a Tree

They cut me to pieces...they tired of my shade and nettles.
   They cut me to blood, no scream, no voice they
   could hear.
They stacked up my bones and nice little piles,
   thinking how useful I could be burned up in smoke.
   heating their empty souls.
One hundred took me to grow...and less than one hour
I became longer a home for sweet singing birds,
   no longer a reminder of things green and wooded brown.
Now I am reduced to ashes...something this
poet..who cried at my death...(was perhaps the only one to write
a poem...about something more than a tree.)

                                    Paul Immanuel Owens     1989



Peace is more than it is more valuable than gold
and it can't be bought with money. Peace is a gift that has
to be pursued, engaged in, and integrated into our very soul
and spirit. True peace can only come from is the key
signature that and foremost fruit of the spirit. God is our
peace...He the prince of Peace...and His peace
passes understanding.
    Most of the trying to get peace without God
and most of the world does not have peace because they deny
the process and the way God has designed to receive it.
    Peace requires fellowship with God...
    Peace requires faith in God..and reverence for His Holy
    Word......... strongly tied to Love...How can you love someone
    if you are not at peace?
    How can you have peace...if you doubt and are fearful?
    A key ingredient to a peaceful relationship with God and
    our fellow deep, rooted faith and wisdom, that God
    Loves us...and is completely committed to us and will
provide...and protect..and meet all needs here and beyond.
    Many Christians....have a lesser degree of peace...and less
consistency of peace....because they are trying to control their a half hearted manner, where they hold onto the steering
wheel...and ask God to follow them as they drive. They often
consult God....long after..... they have made plans and signed
the papers to the plans.
    Prayer and constant communion with God....can not help but
establish greater peace with God.
    Peace is also not given to the proud...One must relate to
humility..... peace is to not only be a state of mind, but a
way of life.
    I saw a important sign a man held he paced back
and forth in front of a Post Office during read:
    "Peace is not a season...Peace is a lifestyle"
Peace is the path...towards harmony...towards true seeing and
hearing and building the kingdom of God...of which we'll have
peace and a constant reality..forever. active not passive, it is the application of
love and the promotion of justice...without justice there is
unrest, violence and unfairness. We cannot become people of peace if
we do not stand for something even the
unsaved can sense in another human is reflected in the
voice, eyes and content of those who wear its spirit.
    True peace...cannot be faked...It’s healing properties
have healed and restored many broken relationships...and peace
is a truth unto itself...Peace is growth and Christ...
Throughout the Old Testament God asked for and required
a "peace offering" restore His people or nation
or individual...back into fellowship..
When we are at peace...with God and each other...we are
in the best do something positive and Holy.

               Paul Immanuel Owens


   The Quiet Pen of the Law

The quiet pen of the law...
    It doesn't doesn't scream.
  Yet in that ink...., and type set face,
    Dreams are crushed and ideals defaced.
On that paper, and stroke of might...,
    people are granted...different rights.
Some for better..some for worse;
    some for joy and expression;
    some for despair and oppression.

You...who change...and call right from wrong;
    we ask the age old question..
Whom does the law belong???
You..who separate...gray from black;
    and black from gray...,
    must someday a higher law,
A law not written in stone or ink...
    yet in mankind's cannot be erased.
 Ethics and principle...are not given much respect
    these days...,
 Yet behind the scenes..they rule with nobility and
    will have the last say.
 Poets..Artists..Musicians..the poor and oppressed;
    all know...of this great truth..

 The quiet pen of the law...and those who use it unjustly,
       are defacing..liberty, freedom, and justice....
piece by piece..letter by word at a time.

  "My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I
sing, Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim's pride
from every mountainside..let freedom ring.."

                Written by Paul Immanuel Owens...1994





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