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Ivory Wings

Ivory Wings 300 W


Solo Piano mixed with flute and cello, some songs blended with nature sounds.

Ivory Wings features the very talented Kate Finn on the flute.

Her unique use of soprano/alto flute creates and adds to the warmth and texture of the music ... taking the listener to places near and far.

Selections of this work have been aired on KINK FM “
Lights Out” as well as on other radio stations.

CD and Tape are 54 minutes


Ivory Wings CD                              $15


Ivory Wings cassette Tape           $10




Music... You are...

Music is the sound and rhythm of nature, poetry with wings, soaring into thee infinite ... into the timeless... You are the image too large for words. too free to become imprisoned yet carried in our hearts.
                                                                           Paul Immanuel Owens



Listen to songs

Old Waves Still Dance



Autumn’s Rose



Wild Horses On Wind



Cobblestones Of My Heart



Close Your Eyes You Can See



Reflections Of Old Child



Nocturne Sweet



I Remember Innocence



Once Upon A Time






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