Cropped Keys 175 px wide with words


  I truly hope this message finds you in excellent health, and doing well
  professionally in your musical career.  I have chosen to write you, once
  again to stress my utter pleasure you have brought to my life through your
  works compiled on your CD, ‘River of Peace’.  Rarely a week goes by that
  I don’t find myself taking the time to be re-invigorated  through the beauty
  and calmness of your eloquent masterpieces, and in particular, ‘All of My Life’
  and ‘Innocence and Time’.
                               Mesa, Arizona

  Hi Paul!  I first saw you on the streets of Portland MANY years ago
  and loved your music.  One time when you were playing, this magical
  thing happened and I don’t know if you remember it or not, but this
  small child was standing by in the crowd, heard your music, and
  began this beautiful dance…perfectly in tune with your music.  It was
  amazing.  I purchased several of your cassette tapes (that tells you
  how long ago it was) and still have them but obviously nothing to play
  them on as cassettes are long gone!  I will have to re-purchase your
  music on CD’s as it’s amazing.  It helped me get through MANY long
  hours of studying in college.  I cannot handle any type of distraction or
  noise while studying; however, your music somehow sparked creativity
  and focus in me and I found that was the best way for me to study.  I also
  loved it for my “great thinking moments” and when writing. I just wanted
  to tell you how important your music has been to me all these years and
  I was happy to see you have a website up.  Have a great day!   Cindy


  20 years ago we stopped by the Portland Saturday market, heard you play,
 and bought a CD of Ivory Wings. I recently upgraded to a macbook pro and
 loaded all my music onto this laptop and am now listening to your album.
 You sound great.
When I played your music I immediately thought about your music being on since that is where my daughter now works. You're not there.
 So I found your web site.
 You were talented then, I am sure you are still talented. Have you thought
 about getting your music on
Take care,  Paul

  I bought River of Peace in Spring of ’03 and I still get a lot of enjoyment from it. 
  I think it will always be in the top 10 discs in my modest collection. 

  Excited to find your website.  Your music is such a gift to me.  It calms me and fills me up somehow. 
  First heard you at Saturday Market several years ago and was drawn to your music and didn't stop
  until I came around a corner & found you playing.  It was one of those moments you remember when
  you heard...   Thanks for sharing your music and poetry gifts with us.  Kay

  This CD is a gift for my husband and he has probably listened to your River of
  Peace CD 1,000's of times.  Your music is his desert island music . . . of course
  I love it too. 
Thank you for creating such beautiful music.  Lisa

 Paul,  I miss having the market to come hear you.  It was a most wonderful moment the first time
 I heard your music.  My heart filled, my spirits soared and I found home in the notes you played.
 We talked a couple of times at the market, just briefly, and I told you that your music sounded
 like what my paintings feel like.   I just stumbled onto your site and wanted to say how much the
 music means, like so many others.  Kathleen
                                                                   Painting and Photography


  Hi Paul - Many years ago my husband and I enjoyed listening to you at Portland's
 Saturday's Market. Now our whole family enjoys your music. Hope you continue
 to make beautiful music for many years to come. Thanks for sharing your musical
 gift with us. 


 Paul, your music and God's grace soothed my soul and smoothed my passage through the most difficult and long
 lasting trial of my life. Your music and your words of dedication on the coversheet encouraged me to stay the course
 and with God's grace my life has been abundantly blessed because of it.
 Thank you for sharing your gift, it has enriched my life.
            Burkina Faso

 Hello Paul,
 I,m here in Korea who loves your music so much. Recently I fall in love with Mozart’s Rain.
 I am trying to find information about you, and finally I found your homepage, that is why I can write you.
 I had ever visited in Portland few years ago. I know where is how beautiful place!
 You seem beautiful friend of Portland. Life is so rough sometimes., Life is so hard many times.,
 Your music wipes my hard time. I love your magic too. I respect you very much. Thank you so much! Paul.
 One girl from Korea who loves your piano & poem!
 Again, Eunhee




 As I sat down and listened to River of Peace, I decided to google you to see if I could
 get any up to date information about you. I started listening to you at Saturday Market
 when I was going to a small Christian college in Portland, back in 1990-91. Having left
 the city in 1991, it wasn't until 1997 that I had a chance to find you again. It was a
 very difficult time in my life and I sought you out at the Saturday Market. As I suspected,
 your music was just the thing I needed to bring a little light into my soul. I purchased
 River of Peace and have been listening to it all this time. Now I use it to put my youngest
 daughter to sleep, or just when I need a little extra peace in my life.
 The truly ironic thing I realized in reading your story online is that you left LA for
 Portland, and I later, left Portland for LA. I'm now in my last year of school, and looking
 forward to a bright future. I can't believe your piano days started in Santa
Monica... What
   an interesting twist to the story. I hope all is well
with you and I hope you are still finding your way
 in the Lord.
Many blessings,
                        Calabasas, CA

   Hello Paul,
   Thank you for sending the River of Peace CD along to us in the UK. We so much appreciate the inspiration and
   peace of your music. I have often thought that creation for humans is as much or more an act of discovery as
   it is creation. We discover beauty and truth and ways to express them freshly. I first encountered your music at
   the Saturday market in 1989 when I was visiting Portland on business. The market was its own kind of revelation,
   since I grew up in the San Francisco area in the 1970’s. It was kind of like going home. Then I saw you wheel your
   piano out and start playing, and could not believe that such beauty was gracing this alley under the bridge. I loved
   George Winston, but there was a certain something different in your playing. So I bought
Reflections of the Heart.
   One evening in 1990 I was playing your cassette in the living room and suddenly sensed God say to me, “I want to
   be with you more than you want to be with me.” There was no tone of reproach in his words, but of assurance. He
   was telling me how much he wanted to spend time with me. I curiously took out the liner notes and was surprised to
   see your words of dedication to Jesus. I had not known this aspect of your playing. That evening began my experience
   of worship as an interaction with God. Worship was no longer songs sung and played to the air, but sung and played
   directly to a person. It was no longer merely a series of meetings or activities that church people choose to call worship.
   It was a transaction made with my spirit reaching into the throne room of heaven and his Spirit reaching down to my
   place. So your music has a special place in the story of my spiritual journey. Since the world is mostly CDs now and I
   have less and less access to a cassette player, I was fearing the day when I would no longer be able to play
So finding your CD’s on a website was an encouragement. And my parents (in Washington) were kind enough to purchase the CD
   and have you send it all the way to Bradford, UK!
   Thank you for continuing to play and continuing to be inspired by the Master Artist.
                                       Bradford, UK

  Dear friend,
  I have listened to all three of the CDs we own. I never realized it before
  but the one that my mother owns, "Ivory Wings" was the old lullaby music my
  mother would play for me when I couldn't sleep. It always worked. I guess I
  have known you longer than I thought. Your music is so beautifully played. It
  has a lot of emotion expressed through the keys. It has been very inspirational
  to me, especially through dance. I have danced more than ever, a passion that I
  have always felt through music. Thank you for the CD, I greatly appreciate it.
  You are a beautiful soul, don't let the world make you cold, because you have so
  much to offer it. I love you and hope life is treating you well, happy holidays,
  I wish you health and hope to see you next time I am able to wander the Saturday
        Sincerely, your friend Zzin

   Hello Paul,
  It was good seeing you in August. You are definitely a great icon of the Saturday
  market and I like your music very much. Many dinners have been accompanied by it in
  our house. Wish you a wonderful holiday season and all the best.

  It is very soothing and beautiful. May the Lord bless you for sharing your talent to give peace.
                                                                       Portland, OR.

  I really dig your music. Keep it up, give the people what they want.
                                                                       Lisa Marie
                                                                       Rocklin, CA.

 We have enjoyed and appreciated your piano music, and we’re looking forward to more.
                                                                      Gardena, CA.

 Your music fills my office.
                                                                      Louisville, KY.

 You have so much feeling in your music. It really moves me.
                                                                      Gladstone, OR.

 In the hospital, many of the days it was the blessing of your music that got me through....I hold your music very dear
 to my heart.

                                                                       Woodburn, OR.

  Paul, your music is very, very special. This world needs the love and healing gifts your music gives.
                                                                      Chicago, IL.

 We have enjoyed your music so much - you are truly gifted.
                                                                      Dennis and Lisa
                                                                      Tijiras, NM

 You have a real gift of improvisation and your music has provided us with great enjoyment.
                                                                      Great Falls, MT.

 I listened to your beautiful music as I drove home from Saturday Market. A great feeling of serenity passed
 over me.

                                                                       Portland, OR.

  It traveled with me and provided magical music as I covered over 9,000 miles and hiked in 8 national parks.
                                                                        San Diego, CA.

  I received the two cd's I ordered, River of Peace and Reflections of the Heart.  I love them both.
  I have listened to them both several times already. They are the perfect, peaceful background music
  for my counseling office.  I have seen you at Saturday Market in Portland.  That's where I bought
  Reflections of the Heart on tape for the first time.  I was thrilled to find a website where you were now
  selling cd's.  I am so happy that you are still making music
  Thank you                                                               Patti 

  I saw you playing at Saturday market a few years ago and was deeply touched by your music and your
  compassionate presentation of same. Have played the River of Peace CD often since . So glad to see you
  and hear you still playing at the Market .
PS  The new CDs are great too.                                                 Anonymous

  Hi, Paul,
   I'm a Chinese girl, maybe you have forgotten me. I went to the Saturday market last Saturday. I love your music very much, it
   will make me feel peaceful. I will buy your albums later. Maybe it will help me to practice yoga.

   I just came to the U.S. 1 month ago, I'm the student in Salem. So my English is poor that I don't know what was the feeling
  after I have heard your music. However, your music is a gift for me.

  Hi Paul,
 I have been enjoying your music for over ten years. It was my favorite study companion during college. It has been a great travel companion on many
 road trips. It has been there to lift my spirit and bring me peace during the rough times and to help me celebrate the good times. It even comes along
 when I go sailing. Mostly, though, I listen to it at home, any time, all the time. Your music never gets old. It is very healing, it brings peace to my
 soul, and it is comfort food for my spirit. Thank you for your music.
                                                                           Tami - El Paso, TX




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